Day of Caring 2020 Volunteer Team Application

Please complete the application below to register your team for the 2020 Day of Caring. If you wish to register as an individual not affiliated with an organization, please go here to register  or email

COVID-19 UPDATE: Please keep in mind that no more than 10 volunteers will be dispatched to a project site. If you have a team that is larger than 10 volunteers, please understand that your team will be separated to best accommodate project scope. We will follow recommendations from the CDC and the Governor's orders to ensure the health and safety of all involved. 

Please include street address, city, state and zip code.
This person assumes responsibility for submitting required forms for all team members, budget forms for the project, relaying project assignments and informing every team member of their responsibilities and acting as the team representative while attending mandatory training on 08/20/20. Team leader is also required to visit the project site before Day of Caring to ensure an understanding of the job scope. There can be more than one team leader depending on team size.
If you team size changes, please update us with the # of confirmed volunteers by 09/07/20.
Team leaders are required to submit necessary paperwork if materials/supplies are to be purchased or reimbursement is needed. A budget form and reimbursement request are the most typical forms that are needed and we will supply these to you in the event they are needed.
A team leader must visit the project site prior to 09/17/20 to assess scope and budget. Team leaders must understand the requirements, skills needed, materials or supplies needed for the job and meet with the site contact.
Safety training is scheduled for 08/20 at United Way at 2pm. More details will be provided and reminders will be sent.
Please provide full name and cell phone number of contact.
Project Sponsorship
**NEW THIS YEAR** By choosing to sponsor a project (covering the costs of the associated repairs or overhead for materials/supplies) teams will now have the opportunity to select their project. Project sponsorships range from $300-$750. Please contact Allison Dillow at or 301.739.8200 x 104 for more details.
Please enter tshirt counts for all of your members. All volunteers who sign up by 08/02 are guaranteed an official Day of Caring t-shirt. If you do not have t-shirt sizes for your team members yet, please contact Allison Dillow with your counts no later than 08/02 to ensure your team members a t-shirt. We will not be able to order t-shirts after this date.If you do not have shirt size counts yet, please enter 0.