Revenue Committee



Chair: Mary-Jane Bowyer

Members: Cammie Shrewsbury, Tereance Moore, Gary Hayes, Mike Johnston, Shane Heizer

Staff Support: Heather Guessford

Finance Committee



Chair: Erin Clark

Members: Greg Lloyd, Julie Pippel, Rose Fetters, Shane Heizer, Zane Schreiber, Mellisa Ikwubuo

Staff Support: Richard Rutherford

Community Impact



Chair: Ellen Prete 

Members: Greg Lloyd, Julie Pippel, Pol Heiney, Jacob Barr, Aaron Howell, Susan Schlossberg, Stacie Turner, Tara Woiccak, Nicole Alt-Myers

Staff Support: Kelli Tencer 

Engagment and Branding Committee



Co-chairs: Chris Howlett (Engagement) and Leslie DeMott (Branding)

Members: Victoria Beachley, Susan Hurd, Julia Patton, Laura Wilson

Staff Support: Jocelyn Hauer 

Day of Caring Steering Committee

Day of Caring


Chair: Mike Johnston

Members: Laura Wilson, Susan Hurd, Terri Gwizdala, Chris Howlett, Kim Buchanan, Jennifer Kinzer, Will Godwin, Shane Heizer

Staff Support: Jocelyn Hauer

Data Committee



Chair: Mark Zucca

Members: Susan Schlossberg, Bonnie Saunders, Greg Lloyd

Staff Support: Kelli Tencer

If you would like to learn more about open volunteer opportunities for any of these committees, please visit our volunteer engagement platform Get Connected.