Day of Action 2019

Successful day of action for lasting change, little free libraries!

Day of Action occurs each year in the spring. This is an opportunity for tens of thousands of people across the globe volunteer to fight for the healthy, education financial stability and basic needs of every person in every community.  Day of Action provides opportunities for volunteers, donors and advocates to be a part of solutions that make a real difference in people's lives. United Way of Washington County's Day of Action took place on Thursday May 16th and included two projects. Together with the employees from Washington County Maryland, Public Works and Highway Department and Hagerstown Housing Authority volunteers took part in building an awning over the entry way at Lasting Change, a women's recovery facility, in downtown Hagerstown. The lasting change provides health related treatment to women in need, Health is one of United Way's focal areas. The project will provide cover for the staff, providers and residents who enter the facility. Prior to the awning, the facility had dealt with damage associated from rain and poor drainage. The awning will ensure that the entrance is kept safe and hazardous free. Lowe's, off of Wesel Blvd, providing the funding necessary to purchase the required materials for the project. The second project, the installation of a Little Free Library on Magnolia Court in Hagerstown. Little Free Libraries are essentially book-sharing boxes where the concept, take a book - leave a book, comes into play. These Little Free Libraries are catalysts for improving reading motivation and deepening community connectedness. Thank you to the volunteers and employees from Washington County Public Works who installed this library! Make sure to visit and share a book or borrow a book! Thank you to everyone involved for making Day of Action, 2019 a success! See you next year! If you want to change lives and make an impact in Washington County, contact us to join a Day of Action effort for 2020. There are many ways you can become involved! 

Thank you to Valerie Bell of WDVM for providing the news coverage. Click here to view the video and article!