Benefits of Volunteering

Volunteering Is Good For You!

Volunteering is an opportunity to learn and practice skills, team build with family and others, boost overall morale, and network. When you volunteer you open the door to meeting new people while having a positive effect on the organization you partner with and the overall community.
  • Employees who are encouraged to volunteer help companies meet their corporate mission of social reasonability. 
  • Individuals who are not working can build their skill sets, network, and build their resumes.
  • Students can learn valuable life skills, gain a better understanding of community needs and fulfill required service hours.
  • The value of your time as a volunteer is now (2021) estimated at $28.54 per Independent Sector.
It is always the right time to volunteer; connect today by building a volunteer profile and searching the local Volunteer Connect database for opportunities. You won’t regret it!
United Way volunteer opportunities include working directly with the team in community impact, administration and finance, resource development, event planning, and fundraising.