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Youth United

Youth United (YU) is a high school club in which members work together to help further the mission of United Way of Washington County in their high school and local community.

  • YU members find creative ways to raise awareness among their peers and the public about pressing issues in our community and the important work of United Way.
  • YU members get involved in activities that help them develop and practice leadership skills, including public speaking and the importance of advocacy.

Where can you find a Youth United Club?

  • YU is active at North Hagerstown High School.
  • There are plans to expand into other Washington County high schools (both private and public schools).

Youth United Central

Youth United Central (YU Central) is a group of students from around the County who serve as the advisory group providing governance to all Washington County clubs and coordinates County-wide activities such as the Healthy Kids Day / Washington County Children’s Festival. 


Youth United Central Representatives

Chair – Erica Greenwald,
Advisor – Emily Beecher,
YU North Hagerstown High School
Chair – Christina Chen,
Advisor – Marc Abe,

Upcoming Events

More events will be planned after the start of the 2017-2018 school year.
If you are interested in starting a Youth United group at your high school, please email Emily Beecher or call 301-739-8200 ext. 10 for more information. If you are interested in joining Youth United in Washington County, please let us know