Supporting United Way

Supporting united way is supporting the team

HAGERSTOWN, MD (December 7th , 2018) —

We at United Way of Washington County, MD, are sometimes asked, “Why should I support United Way?”

Picture yourself as you expectantly look out on the field, waiting for our team to take the field against our long-standing rival. Suddenly, that rival team runs out on the field. They are big and they look mean. Then our team comes out, just one player to take on the opposition. Our side with that single great player may not stand a chance.
Poor health practices, low education achievement, financial deprivation, homelessness and hunger are our long-standing rivals. Our team is our community, whose players are the charities that are dedicated to beating our rivals. Alone, the odds don’t look good for any one player. But if we work together, if we combine our efforts and resources, then our team will prevail. 
When you donate your time, money and talent to a single organization, you are supporting that single player. No matter how hard they work or how good they are, the game is stacked against them. When you also support United Way, you are supporting the team that will challenge the rival opposition. That is why you should support United Way.