Kyle and Lindsey's Story

Kyle and Lindsey have their hands full. Lindsey is a stay-at-home mom who is devoted to their two children while Kyle works long shifts at a local manufacturing plant. The couple lives in Hancock with a son who has just entered his toddler years as well as a daughter who is in middle school and also happens to be on the autism spectrum. Between fulfilling all of their children's needs, Kyle and Lindsey need every resource that they can get. Lindsey's family friend told the couple about a collaborative effort called Ready Set Go. The United Way of Washington County funded collaborative focuses on kindergarten readiness in Hancock. It sponsors a variety of services and programs including the Dolly Parton Imagination Library which mails one age-appropriate book each month to children under the age of five.

The couple immediately looked up the collaborative and signed up for the Imagination Library. They also found out that Ready Set Go offers other programs such as weekly playgroups that includes activities focused on the child's development and socialization. Lindsey started taking their son to the playgroups and other community events.

Months have now passed since they learned about the collaborative and the couple has seen a huge difference in their son. Not only is he making progress during the playgroups but Lindsey has also received helpful ideas for projects to do at home. Kyle and Lindsey are able to read new books to their son each month thanks to the Imagination Library program. All of these resources have helped the couple get their youngest child ready for kindergarten and relieved some of their stress as well.

Kyle and Lindsey are a regular family that need some extra help. Because of your support, Ready Set Go was able to help them get connected with new resources and programs. Together, we were able to help this couple get their family on track. We hope you'll join us as we continue to provide support to other families like this across Washington County.