James and Chrissy's Story

James and Chrissy were a happy couple with steady jobs expecting their first child. All was well until Chrissy learned her pregnancy was becoming high-risk and she was going to have to be put on bed rest until the birth of their child. As James became the only income for the family, his car broke down and repairs were too much for the couple. James wanted to leave Chrissy's car with her at all times due to all of her health complications and he also realized that his license had recently expired - another expense that the couple wasn't planning for. James needed to get to his job in the Hagerstown area from their home in Clear Spring and knew that money was too tight for the repairs and his license so he began riding his bike to work.

James was spending hours each morning riding his bike the 15+ miles to work and then another 15+ miles back home at the end of the day. James and Chrissy were at a point where they needed to ask for help. James remembered that they had heard about a free calling service at work called 2-1-1. They were connected with a local agency in their neighborhood that was part of a new collaborative effort called the United Community Assistance Network, also known as UCAN. This new program, led by United Way of Washington County, provides emergency financial assistance to working families like James and Chrissy.

The case manager at their local agency sat down with James to learn about his and Chrissy's situation. The agency was able to pay for the repairs to James' car and provide him with the funds to reinstate his license so that he could start driving to work again. More than a year has passed now since James and Chrissy reached out to 2-1-1. They now have a healthy daughter and James received a promotion at work that made it possible for Chrissy to be a stay-at-home mom.

James and Chrissy were a normal couple that dealt with challenges that could happen to anyone. Because of your support, 2-1-1 and UCAN were able to help them get through their tough time. Together, we were able to help them overcome their obstacles. We hope you'll join us as we continue to provide support to other couples like James and Chrissy across Washington County.