Smithsburg Community Conversation

You are invited to the table! We provide the lunch, you provide the conversation. This event is meant to foster dialogue and friendships between Smithsburg area residents.

Community Conversations, will be, as it sounds, a table at which a diverse cross-section of the community will sit together to break bread. The idea is for the attendees to engage with people they don't necessarily know and, over a nice meal, discuss several questions about the community. A host will be seated at each section of the table to help guide conversations as attendees discuss questions like "what kind of community do you want?" and "what are the most important issues facing our community right now?". It is our hope that, for attendees, the Small town Community Conversations will humanize social issues and ignite a desire to think positively, engage civilly, and work conscientiously to create positive change within the community. A few friendships might even be made along the way! 

The dialogue begins when you come to the table! 

February 23rd, 2019 12:00 PM   through   12:00 PM
Smithsburg Public Library
66 West Water Street
Smithsburg, MD 21783
United States
Phone: 3017398200  ext. 104