Changes to the Combined Federal Campaign (CFC)

In 2017, charities will be required to pay multiple fees to the federal Office of Personnel Management's processor in order to participate in the Combined Federal Campaign.  The announcement of the new fees is the final step in OPM's efforts to limit local control and community-level engagement with federal employees around charitable giving.  Other OPM rules have limited the influence of local committees made up of federal employees overseeing local CFCs.  The rules centralized processing of the CFC under the control of OPM in Washington, D.C.  Scores of local CFCs are consolidated into large "regional" CFCs.  And inexplicably, nonprofit outreach to federal employees will be replaced by for-profit fundraising businesses. United Way feels strongly that local agencies will be hurt by this change. Although few donations make it to our United Way, many of you benefit from the campaign. Following is information to provide you background on CFC and the 2017 changes and an invitation to take action TODAY. We need to be strong advocates and let our voices be heard. To learn more about the fees please visit OPM the office that oversees the federal campaign.

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